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The Hereford Advantage


Hereford genetics offer powerful crossbreeding potential. The Hereford breed has been an icon of the U.S. beef industry for more than 100 years. Today the beef industry is facing more challenges than ever, and utilizing Hereford genetics in crossbreeding programs can help producers meet those challenges head on.

Hereford advantages include:

  •  Docility

  • Fertility

  • Feed efficiency in the pasture and feedlot

  • Longevity

  • Production efficiency

Please reach out with any questions on using Hereford genetics in your program. 

Marketing Assistance

Marketing your cattle is an important decision, especially if it only happens once or twice a year. If you’re looking for new potential buyers for your cattle, let us know 1-2 weeks in advance of your sale date and we will inform a group of feeders and cattle buyers. Rausch Hereford genetics have become known as extremely feed efficient, high grading cattle with added performance. Many Rausch influenced cattle go through the Greater Omaha 1881 Program - they are always looking for more! With the female market primed to take-off, be sure to let us know about breeding quality females and we’ll do our best to help promote them to interested buyers.  

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