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Foundation Females


The Rausch herd has been built with a traditional mindset of making fertile, practical cattle that go to work year in and year out. Each cow in the herd was born and raised in our northern plains environment where we experience the feasts and famines of our region. We cull rigidly for feet, eye, and udder quality and especially disposition. The cows are built to be bulletproof and still maintain the eye appeal expected of modern, registered cattle. 

#1 Dams of Distinction Herd


Our herd has produced the most Dams of Distinction in the Hereford breed for over 40 years. The Dams of Distinction program recognizes superior cows in the breed and the cattle producers who manage them based on data submitted to the American Hereford Association (AHA).


A cow receiving the Dam of Distinction honor is a cow that meets the highest standards of commercial cattle production. The cow must do her job, but also her owner must manage the herd correctly to give her the opportunity to excel. Only a few active cows are recognized. All heifers have the potential to be a Dam of Distinction, but only a small percentage fit the job description of an ideal cow year in and year out.

Females attaining the Dam of Distinction status are recognized with “DOD” after their names when doing an animal or EPD inquiry on

Efficient, fertile and productive females are the foundation of the most successful cow herds. We are proud to produce females that help build the reputation of Hereford cows in the beef industry. 


Pick of the Herd


We throw open all the gates and offer a pick of ANY female in our herd once a year at the National Hereford Sale in early January. 

You'll have the opportunity to sort through 100 exciting bred heifers or pick a proven Dam of Distinction from over 1,000 mature cows.  



Questions about genetics in the offering or terms of the sale? Give us a call!

Sells at National Hereford Sale | January 2025

Past Pick of the Herd Females

"R Miss Addition 2569 was our past National Hereford Sale pick from Rausch Herefords. Selected for her high level of genotype and look of phenotype, we feel she has an unbelievable upside of becoming the next big-time donor at Express Ranches."

Express Ranches, OK

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